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At any point in time there are over a billion students around the globe learning the English language. These include students from young learners to adults.  There are children learning English for the first time, teenagers wanting to study abroad, and adults wanting to advance in their careers.  Because of this, English language (ESL) teachers are in high demand, with job openings virtually everywhere you would want to teach.

CELTA/TEFL/TESOL certificates are essential qualifications required by most schools when hiring ESL teachers.  With our certification courses you’ll learn the foundational skills needed to become an ESL teacher. Our courses include an understanding of the structure of the English language, as well as classroom management skills and various language teaching techniques.  Our courses will help you achieve your goal of teaching English abroad and online.

How It Works:

The courses can be completed online at your own pace. For most students, it will take around 2-3 weeks to complete all of the lessons and earn your certificate.


Create your log in account, complete the course enrollment, choose which course you want to take, and begin!

Study online

Read and study the modules 100% at your own pace! You can use a computer or mobile device, and study wherever and whenever you want. No video classes or on line appointments, just a computer/mobile device with an internet connection.

Pass the tests

To make sure that you truly understand the information in the modules, you’ll be required to pass an exam or exams (depending on the course). You will need to receive at least an 80% to pass.

Receive your certificate

You’ll receive your certificate once you pass the exam(s). The certificate(s) displays your name, date of completion, and the details of the course completed.

How to get started

Enrolling is easy and you can start online right away. Even if you’re a student planning your next step, you can get certified while you’re still in school planning on your next step.

But there is something you may want to know first.  The industry is changing rapidly.  There was once a time when certain certifications would cost thousands of dollars, money that would far exceed anything deemed as an investment, for the salary increases that it may have garnered.  Many of the pricier certifications are received from franchises with little or no oversight.  Our center is externally accredited and our courses are designed to save you money while helping you attain a more quality teaching position.  We know that not only do you want to teach, but being able to save money, while enjoying living abroad, is important too!

Enroll today and begin the journey to the job of your dreams!

Teaching ESL Online

ESL teachers are more in demand than ever, with no shortage of schools and centers hiring certified teachers.

What's the difference between TEFL and CELTA?

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Top 10 Books

Every TEFL Teacher Needs

Learning English with Laughter: Teacher's Guide 3B

700 Classroom Activities. (German) Paperback – April 30, 2004

Developing Student Ownership Perfect Paperback – December 12, 2018

Courses overview:

To be an effective ESL teacher, you’ll need to have a good understanding of various language concepts as well as a set of skills to help you teach these concepts to your students.

Last Minute TEFL Games

Knowing games is not only entertaining for the students, but if done correctly, games are also a really effective method of teaching.

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