ESL and Traveling

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. It basically refers to the study or use of English language by non-native speakers. Many countries require some kind of ESL certification nowadays in order for the non-native people to work or study in those countries. Now many people who want to go abroad and want to work or study there need an ESL certification, so they take classes through an ESL teacher.

An ESL teacher is the person responsible for providing various lessons as well as support to students who are preparing for English as a second language. Many times, ESL teachers use a real-life context in order for the students to get the idea of the complexities of the language. Most ESL teachers can expect to have the same pay as the teachers who teach other subjects. The average annual salary of an elementary school and a high school teacher is $53,000 and $60,320 respectively. However, the fact remains the same that the longer you work as a teacher, the more your salary will increase.

Now some of us might have a question in their minds: How can I become an ESL teacher and travel to various countries around the world?

It’s very easy. You can become an ESL teacher right after your bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is not usually required to become an ESL teacher but people pursue their master’s degree and specialize in ESL if they choose teaching ESL as their optimum profession.

Education and training is necessary with the focus on learning how to teach. Second-Language acquisition is also preferred. In public school sectors, ESL teachers are required to get state teacher certification.

But let’s say that you have not yet received your bachelor’s degree and want to become an ESL teacher, then the most astounding pathway you can follow is:

  1. Get a degree in ESL or TESOL or any subject related to linguistics.
  2. Complete a teaching internship in an ESL setting.
  3. Take the tests of teacher endorsement in ESL in your particular state.
  4. Apply for your license.
  5. Start applying at all the available positions for ESL teachers.

Now some of you might have a bachelor’s degree but in some other subject and would like to teach K-12 ESL students. In that case, you may qualify for your teaching license by getting a master’s degree in ESL. It will prepare you to take the state board exams and eventually will lead you to teacher certification.


Teaching is a great profession. Teaching ESL is a great profession as well as a great opportunity for people to help others and also to travel to different locations around the world. You get to make new friends along the way, go into different gatherings with people from different parts of the world and the best part is that you will get to see many different cultures all mixed up in one place.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions” – source: 


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