Go Places to Ease Your Mind

Mental health is the most important and yet the most underrated aspect of the overall wellbeing of any individual. According to a recent report by WHO, one in every four people encounters mental health issues at one time in their lives. The reason for such an alarming rate of mental health issues is mainly our living habits and lack of a healthy lifestyle. The corporate culture has made us analogous to frogs in a well who keep moving all day, every day, and reach nowhere.

Travelling has been proven to be helpful in relieving mental stress and improving the overall mental health of people of all ages. Here are some ways of how travelling helps the mind relax.

  1. The fresh atmosphere is the most important

We live in cities plagued by pollution. The quality of air in big cities is worse than we can imagine, and we are constantly in circumstances where our bodies can’t even get enough oxygen. When it comes to oxygen, the part of the body that is affected the most is the brain. This lack of fresh air physiologically impacts the ability of the brain and can result in a number of mental health issues. Taking a weekend off and travelling to someplace full of fresh air and clean atmosphere can really help the brain grow and have better overall health.

  1. Resets your biological rhythms

There are some biological clocks integrated into our bodies that control the metabolism of the body. All the late-night working, and insufficient sleep takes their toll on the body’s built-in clocks. A week or so in the natural environment will really help reset the rhythms and will be a good preventive measure for mental diseases.

  1. Gives you some time to spend with yourself

Psychologists insist you take out some time for yourself every day, but let’s be honest that seems impossible with our routines. However, it is good to take some time off from your busy schedule and go to someplace quiet and spend some quality time with yourself, you know yourself better than anybody else and can resolve your issues more than anyone else can.

  1. Takes Away the stress from your mind
    Travelling is an escape. You escape from that 9 to 5 office, the projects, the deadlines and the rules. Your brain is designed to work in stress but too much stress for too long is not good. Travelling offers you the chance to escape from all that and relieves the stress from your mind. When you come back from a tour, you’ll be more productive, more active and less prone to mental illnesses.

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