Helpful Links

ABRA –  Selection of 33 game-like activities in English and in French to promote reading comprehension and writing skills of early readers.
Brookings – A catalogue of nearly 3,000 learning innovations. Not all of them are distance learning solutions, but many of them offer digital education content.
Buncee – Supports the creation and sharing visual representations of learning content, including media-rich lessons, reports, newsletters and presentations.
Discovery Education – Free educational resources and lessons about viruses and outbreaks for different grade levels.
EdPuzzle – Video lesson creation software.
Feed the Monster – Android application in multiple languages to help teach children the fundamentals of reading, available in 48 languages.
Geekie – Portuguese language web-based platform that provides personalized educational content using adaptive learning technology.
Global Digital Library – Digital storybooks and other reading materials easily accessible from mobile phones or computers. Available in 43 languages.
Kaltura – Video management and creation tools with integration options for various learning management systems.
KitKit School – Tablet-based learning suite with a comprehensive curriculum spanning early childhood through early primary levels.
LabXchange – Curated and user-created digital learning content delivered on an online platform that enables educational and research experiences.
Mosoteach – Chinese language application hosting cloud classes.
Nearpod – Software to create lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.
OneCourse – Child-focused application to deliver reading, writing and numeracy education.
Pear Deck – Facilitates the design of engaging instructional content with various integration features.
Quizlet – Learning flashcards and games to support learning in multiple subjects, available in 15 languages. 
Reads– Digital stories with illustrations in multiple languages.
StoryWeaver – Digital repository of multilingual stories for children.
Squigl – Content creation platform that transforms speech or text into animated videos.
Trello – A visual collaboration tool used by teachers and professors for easier coursework planning, faculty collaboration, and classroom organization.
UNHCR – An extensive list of over 600 distance learning solutions from the United Nations agency for refugees.
Worldreader – Digital books and stories accessible from mobile devices and functionality to support reading instruction. Available in 52 languages.