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Oxford Cambridge Testing Terms of Service


Affiliate Terms

The Oxford Cambridge Testing Affiliate Program is meant for those who would naturally link to our courses or information. It provides an incentive to this linking behavior as a reward for those who refer customers to us. Sites which qualify are those with original content who focus on TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA courses. Most

sites, pages, and social media about TESOL, CELTA, TEFL, TEFL teachers, TEFL jobs, traveling, expats, are eligible.

We neither encourage nor condone spamming or otherwise unwanted communication in any form. Our affiliates cannot offer a discount, coupon, or a price lower than what we offer. Use of the term’s coupon or discount or sale and the like cannot be used apart from affiliate content available through our affiliate program.

It is important that the affiliate system be used as a commission-based referral for new customers. We view affiliates as professional partners who must uphold a level of standards as is maintained in a business community.

We offer straight commissions between of $50 USD per TEFL or CELTA course enrollment to our affiliates through the website, and an additional $100 – $200 USD per CELTA course bonus that is paid separately. Additional $100 for the first 5 CELTA courses and an increase to $200 per CELTA course any course enrollment after the fifth. We track affiliate IDs in links that are embedded for 90-days via cookies in links, so if a student visiting the site enrolls in a course within 90 days, it is considered an earned commission by the affiliate and they will be credited as such. Affiliate payment is made via Paypal, within 14 days of a balance payment cleared to Oxford Cambridge Testing by referrals. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke affiliate membership at any time, if we find the affiliate is not meeting these terms or is otherwise incompatible with the goals of Oxford Cambridge Testing.

For information on how to use the affiliate program, there is a help center on the website affiliate page